‘Veronica Mars’ First Trailer, Behind the Scenes Look

For those of you who want to keep up to date on the pioneering Veronica Mars fan funded Kickstarter movie check out the video above. The video offers up some behind the scenes footage and the movie’s first trailer. For those who are unaware Veronica Mars is the highest funded Kickstarter project ever breaking its initial $2 million goal and ending up getting a total of $5.7 million from fans to make the movie.

Cast members gushed over the love and support their fans have shown for the movie and are in awe of the fact that their fans wanted so badly to see the cult TV show continue on that they would pay for a movie to be made. The success the movie has found on Kickstarter has led to others attempting to secure funds for their own passion projects to varying degrees of success. Zach Braff has got his film funded and secured distribution rights but saw significant backlash for his use of Kickstarter. Meanwhile, Melissa Joan Hart proved that merely being a celebrity on Kickstarter isn’t enough to guarantee that your film will get funded.

The video gives a glimpse as to who is returning from the cast and how much or how little their characters have changed. According to Rob Thomas, and proven true in the trailer, Veronica Mars has given up her life as a P.I. and her pursuit of a career in the F.B.I. and has instead become a lawyer. Yet a Neptune High School reunion and the events that occur therein seem to be all the prodding she needs to return to her old life of espionage. No specific details as to what the case will be or how it connects to her high school reunion but it will be interesting to see how creator Rob Thomas will choose to tell this story in 2 hours when he previously has had an entire season to allow Veronica to solve a case.

Of course for fans the most important bit of information on the video came at the end of the trailer in which the general release date of 2014 was revealed. A year may seem like a long time but for a fan base that has been waiting for the show to continue in some form for over 6 years and had until very recently seen little hope of such an occurrence, a year doesn’t seem too bad. They are a resilient bunch after all. They didn’t give up after the show was canceled, they didn’t give up after the cast and crew went on to other things, they didn’t give up after 6 years of nothing, and when it became clear the Warner Bros. wouldn’t pay for a Veronica Mars movie they paid for it themselves.


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